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The New Galactic Crucibles
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Erudite Tales

I just started a new thread on Erudite Tales, just thought I should let you know.
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Heroic Ages

I've posted an update on my Heroic Ages setting over on the new site, if anyone wants to see what I've got so far. I've just outlined the heroes so far - if anybody's interested, I could outline a few of the villains in another post.!)
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New Forum Launched!

The Omniverse Nexus site now has a forum feature! The extension is still in beta (as in, the creators of this extension haven't actually finished it yet) and stylewise, aesthetics isn't my forte, but the new site now has a discussion board. If you guys find it to be user friendly enough, we could very well be able to move away from wikia for good. Your feedback is essential. I need to know what kind of forums you want or any other features you might find more convenient.
So here's the forum itself:
I also created a separate forum for all things related to Light World:
Blog pages are still nonfunctional though and I'm thinking it's probably best to get rid of them entirely in favor of this new forum. Also, I still have account creation disabled so let me know if you want to make an account.
Lastly, there's a new role called forum admin. I promoted Tim to one so that he can edit the Light World threads.
In other news:

The chat system now has smileys. Try some out!
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The Plans for Omniverse Nexus

I know I've been very busy, so only now have I got around to writing all this. I would like to take this quick moment to clarify on the current plans for the Omniverse Nexus.

Contents[show]What is a setting?
As we've continuously asserted that all of the settings take place in the same multiverse, the idea of their rigid separation is starting to feel obsolete. So instead, the setting label is going to be more of an indicator of what kind of style the story is written in. For example, even though the Omniverse Nexus is technically science fantasy, it would feel out of place to use Star Trek-type technobabble in a fantasy setting like Erudite Tales. Instead, we would keep writing in Erudite Tales using only mythical-type terms that the inhabitants of the United Plane would actually know. Settings would be nothing more than just the name of a collection of stories. Mini-franchises or IP's that share the same multiverse, like X-Men and the Avengers.
So for the time being, the only real reason to create a new setting is if it covers a specific type of genre that the others do not. So going down the list, we have the following:

Erudite Tales - High fantasy
Galactic Crucibles - Science fiction
Hallowed Worlds - Surreal fantasy
Heroic Ages - Superheroes
Infinite Histories - Alternate history
Miraculum Chronicles - Urban fantasy
Myth Galaxy - Science fantasy
As for Tapestry of Stars, I really haven't heard from Suppy on it. It is just an alternate version of Galactic Crucibles, so if we do end up updating it at some point, then it's going to get merged into another setting.

Due to the large amount of articles, it's probably easier just to reboot a few aspects. I'm looking to have no duplicates or alternate versions of anything just to eliminate confusion and to avoid watered down versions of other articles. The main two settings that this concerns is Myth Galaxy and Galactic Crucibles which share a lot of the same species and locations. So now, the two settings are going to be completely separated with their only connections being references to the overall Titan mythos.
But before we go removing articles and whatnot, first, let's clarify the way canon works. Nothing is too set in stone, and it's really up to interpretation. Much like Star Wars, there are canon priorities in the Nexus.

Tier 1 - Featured stories or any notable media adaptations have the highest canon priority. As these are our best works, it only makes sense that they get the spotlight. We advertise these as the finest examples of what the Omniverse Nexus has to offer.
Tier 2 - All other stories are next. These other stories may be changed around, but the point is that the Omniverse Nexus is now more story centric.
Tier 3 - We have all articles that are not in direct contradiction to the stories. Think of these as supplementary material.
Tier 4 - Any articles which do significantly contradict the stories are non-canon. However, this does not imply that non-canon articles are irrelevant. We can always say they take place in some unspecified alternate universe, or we can change them slightly later.
Tier 5 - And finally, we have any articles which are deliberately non-canon. We should allow users to be able to write stories on totally hypothetical situations. Anyone remember this: Story:The One-Man Army? Just an example of one of those.
Any content by new users would be considered Tier 4 canon, or Tier 3 if there happens to be no contradictions. If they do enough to impress the other story writers/admins or their content becomes directly involved with other user creations, it has the potential to be promoted to Tier 2. And if it's really good, then it's Tier 1.

We should have maps for all the settings to give clear visual indicators as to where things are. We should also designate a specific present day, or at the very least, some kind of base year to go off of to help solidify the perspective. So for example, in Erudite Tales, the present day would be the Volveros Revolution. Myth Galaxy and Galactic Crucibles have some confusion, but here's what they are:

Myth Galaxy - Events of the Dark Prophecy, foundation of the Galactic Senate.
Galactic Crucibles - Events of The Corrupted Light, the time when VERN was created which is about 20,000 years before the present day.
And lastly, the story infobox now has the options Genre, Timeframe and Era to help clarify as to when and where a story takes place.

What is still canon in Galactic Crucibles?
So since we are changing it so that no locations are shared between settings, Galactic Crucibles is going to be significantly altered. First and foremost, any duplicate species and planets would be retconned as brand new content. Vaikan are different enough from the Dhragolon to stay the way they are, but other species like the Eteno and the Karnasaurs would have to be changed into something else.
The events of Chaos Crisis are implied to still be canon since we do have at least one story set during that time, but the events of Corrupted Light take canon priority.

What is still canon in Myth Galaxy?
Most of the old species would remain the same. However, the Omni in Myth Galaxy are a little redundant since Dark Prophecy focuses more on the Titans as being the precursors. Given that they are hardly mentioned, if at all, in Dark Prophecy and play no integral role to the plot, this minor detail isn't a huge concern as the focus is on the characters.

Setting ownership
Just to broaden our perspectives, we shouldn't really have it so that one person owns a setting. What they own instead is just the storylines they create. We could have setting curators who are experts on all the associated lore though, but we can rank any articles by new users as either Tier 4 or Tier 5 canon until they get properly integrated if they want to at all.

What is our main focus?
We need to make sure people can actually find out what they are supposed to be reading. So site navigation is a priority. Noble has been hard at work, experimenting with CSS and HTML to create flashier looking user pages (which I may or may not have tactically acquired), and to make the site look better and more professional overall.
Mass importation of articles is not as important as sometimes, it's easier just to rebuild things from the ground up. Don't be too concerned about the canon for now. Instead, I would concentrate on just creating good stories. The stories are what people find easiest to read and follow. If they are curious about additional lore, they can always delve into the other articles for more information.
I hope that clarifies things. Let me know if you have any further questions.
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Importing process and other stuff

So as most of you know, most of the work that's been going on with the new site has been all about importing articles from across all wikias and labeling them with their respective settings. I've mostly been doing either my own articles, the articles of active users (specifically ones that are used in crossovers) or general articles that play an important role in the overall continuity. However, as I've been combing these wikias for content to import, I've thought of a few questions for all of you:

Should archived articles be imported? Since the original authors of these are no longer active, if they do get imported, then they'll have to be restructured as something new.
Do you want me to assist in importing Infinite Histories articles? I haven't done much there, but I'm aware that Atra Mors and Romanum are the most active timelines.
For articles that I did not create, do you want me to change them around to fit the continuity if they are out of date?
What other site features would you like to see? If you found an extension you want to see implemented, post the link to it below. (For the bugged blog system, I have yet to receive a response after asking for help for about two weeks so I'll have to look for a different extension.)
Lastly, I've been thinking of adding a new namespace titled "Essay". I got this idea from all those analyses that Suppy did on warfare, and I figure that because we primarily use blogs to make temporary announcements, anything that's essay-like should deserve some way of being found more easily rather than sifting through older irrelevant blogs. Basically, these essays can be about anything such as warfare commentary like Suppy has been doing, about writing cliches, or perhaps even about your own creations so that you can explain where you got your inspiration from. What makes them different from regular articles is that they can be written in a personal style so that you can get out info that would otherwise not conform to the encyclopedic style of the rest of the wiki.
Also, about the whole changing backgrounds depending on categories, after some research, I've found that it's definitely possible, but it will require the creation of a custom skin. It will just be a matter of me figuring out how to actually code it. For now, the priority is still importing articles since we still need content to look at, but I'll keep working and trying to figure things out.
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Omniverse Nexus site relaunched!

After laboring for a few days and trying to wrap my head around how php works, I've finally managed to get MediaWiki live and running right here!
Obviously, there's still a lot of work to do. I haven't set up the separate wikis yet, but editing is enabled. There's still plenty of tests to run first, so this is where you come in. I want to know what features you would like to see implemented as well as suggestions as to what the layout should be like.
Over the next few days, I'll continue tinkering with this, but you all should be good to create your accounts and make edits there as you please. Until the dust settles, don't be alarmed if something suddenly glitches out while on the wiki. Chances are that's just me in the process of testing out some things, so I would hold off from importing articles right away, and instead have discussions here on wikia until everything is properly configured.
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Wikia's New Terms of Use

Wikia just updated its terms of use. See here: [1]
I can't make it out, but the part about "company original content" seems like it might spell trouble for us, specifically regarding the move.
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Future of the Omniverse Nexus

Lately, there’s been some interest in the possibility of moving to another domain. Here’s some of my own ideas as to how we could go back about this. (New site is now located here:

Contents[show]Why move to another domain?
As some of you know, activity in wikia has been slowing down, and I’ve been looking for ways to rejuvenate it with new life. The crossover idea has definitely been something new to work with, but I believe that we can do more. About six years worth of effort have been put into this project, and I think it’s time for us to evolve and try out newer, bigger things by stepping outside of our boundaries. We should definitely get our content prepped for the possibility of being adapted into other mediums such as web comics, video games, short movies, you name it.
However, to have better control over future adaptations of Omniverse Nexus, we should move to our own domain so that we’re not reliant on wikia anymore. We’ll be able to choose whatever creative license we want, and we’ll be able to add site features that would otherwise be impossible with wikia.

For those who don’t know, wikia uses CC-BY-SA. Basically, what that is that anyone is free to share, remix or adapt our work so long as we’re given credit. However, said people could also use our work for commercial purposes. We’ve already tried to change the license in the past, but wikia did not allow it. The only way to change the license is to break away from wikia altogether.
I have to double check to see if we have to do any mass deletions, or just declare the wikias as fansites or something like that. If we are allowed to keep all of our wikia articles as they are now, we might even consider just making all new continuities exclusive to the site, and just providing hyperlinks to the wikia.

The writings throughout Omniverse Nexus (including Erudite Tales and Infinite Histories) that we pick and choose would be moved to a new domain powered by Wordpress which is normally intended for blogs, but it has enough versatility to be used for virtually anything. While users will be able to create accounts and discuss content in a public forum, only a select few will be able to make edits to the stories. New authors would be chosen on a case by case basis.

The actual site will be powered by Wordpress, and preferably, one of us should buy a domain name so that "wordpress" is not in the URL. We could call the domain or something similar.
For the time being, the site will be ad free. Making money off of this is something way later down the line, and we’re not quite there yet. Baby steps.

There are a few ways to go about this. Wordpress does have a wiki-style plugin, but an additional fee has to be paid to make it so that it comes anywhere close to the level of features Wikia has. It might be wise to consider just using HTML and CSS instead to make our own style, but this is something we can vote on.

The Content
With our creations seeing so many different iterations and retcons, we’re definitely going to have to make all our stories set within a shared multiverse. As TROTK put it best, it would sort of be like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Same characters and settings but in different universes. For example, Suppy’s Tapestry of Stars is considered its own separate universe from Omni 01.
In regards to specifics, the main feature of the site would be the novels and short stories, so the front page would direct focus on them. As a time saver, we could take some of the best stories we have and put them up as they are.

I would like to hear any and all of your comments, questions and concerns. This may seem like a massive undertaking, but if there’s enough interest and support, I believe we could bring something as ambitious in scale as this to life.
Lastly, if in the end, we don't move to another domain and keep the wikia as it is now, what could we do differently to ensure it thrives in the future?
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The future of Hallows Maleficent

As i just posted on HM:
I think I killed this wiki.
It's largely my fault for going on hiatus right after founding it. I should've waited a bit longer, given everyone time to plan a bit more, but instead, I tried to launch an underfueled rocket and it crashed. Now, any users besides (and including) myself who remain are staring at the screen with no idea what to do.
I myself don't really have any ideas about what to do, so I suggest we go back to GC and do a bit more brainstorming on what we want out of this project. I'd say we delete the wiki and wait to launch a new one, but you guys put so much work into the coding I don't have the heart. Instead, we'll put it on hold and come back to it later. This time, we'll have a battle plan.
Link to the thread where I posted this.
Now, this being the Planning board and all, I thought it would be a good place to put a brainstorm thread. Of course, if this is restricted to GC content only, which I understand perfectly, I'll just set up a similar thread on HM itself and include a link here.
Just to update you on the state of affairs, HM has hardly been edited in about a month, a fact that i attribute to a lacklustre and forced launching. I set up the wiki too early knowing I was about to go on a hiatus, so we began without energy and before we'd really planned any content. As a result, despite the best efforts of the users who decided to contribute to it, it belly-flopped.
To prevent such a thing happening again, we need a more decisive approach. We need to know what we're doing, why we're doing it and how we're going to pull it off. Any questions? Comments? Ideas? Suggestions? Thoughts? Post 'em here.
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As Diaspora is an ongoing story with no general plan, there's excellent opportunity to give advice and suggestions. Also, any questions or discussion can take place here, as there doesn't seem to be any 'comments' feature on story pages.
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Tapestry of Stars - New Earth maybe

I was hoping that I could create a new Earth. One that never got hit by aliens and taken from humans. I have a current map I am working for the world. The purpose of this is to give Humanity a real chance in the space race by creating a world which they can barely survive on, and its their own home.
the societies of Earth have thrived in the new golden age of technology and science.
But it has not done so without loss. Due to society's constant need to expand, the world has become dark
as minerals, resources, fuels, etc. have become less common and new means have had to be made to continue their
existance in the modern world.
Overpopulation has lead to society's quick advancements in both medicine and food production,
but has left its scars through diseases and plagues such as "The American Flu". Oil and gas prices climb as
petroleum and oil reserves quickly dry up, rationing in these products as well as the development of synthetic fuels
have lead to new advancements in science, but has left the world economy in rough to poor shape.
Fusion Energy plants have replaced traditional power systems, allowing cities to grow at a quicker rate
and allow the overpopulation to become such an issue in the modern world.
Health Food Organizations, during the rationing period, worked productively to reduce and create a decline in fast food,
causing the near end of the obsesity epidemic that had risen over the first half of the Twenty-First Century.
Environmental Agencies have been trying over the passed few years to stop pollution,
but only recently have recieved the acknowledgement and accolades needed to gather funds.
Thus Earth has begun to rot as civilization rolls over the natural world. Humanity has all agreed that it is time to explore the stars and in 2108, the Earth Humans will, if you let me.
Please reply when you can, thank you.
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Great Rampager

The great rampager, scientifically known as Bipestank rex, is a large predatory animal living in the north-east portions of the Jaklean supercontinent, located on the planet Glaucus. It is 49 feet long in the largest verified specimens, and over 23 feet tall, but is usually around 36 feet long and 16 feet tall. It has three limbs, two of which are legs, and a single arm coming out of the chest to use as a balance. It also has a long tail as a balance, and a large skull with jaws filled with sharp teeth, with a beak-like structure at the end of the snout. They have analogues of whiskers located on the sides of their heads, meant to sense where the wind is blowing to avoid being detected by prey. They have two nostrils and four eyes as well. They can smell blood from several miles away and see cleary at distances of up to 500 feet. However, they do have one weakness. They have one weakness though. Their spinal cords are rather fragile for their size, so if it trips over, it will often get killed by a broken spine. Great rampagers are not sapient.
Yeah, you can pretty much guess what creature I based this off. The Latin name means "bipedal tank".
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Poe Short Story

Hi guys,
I was tasked by my English teacher to write a story in the style of Edgar Allan Poe. Before I pass up my story, I'd like to share it with you. Give as much constructive criticism as you can please. I want to make it as good as I can
P.S. Make sure you know the style of Poe :P
Here goes:

The Spark
The horror! THE HORROR! THE HORROR! For years I have suffered since the death of my only child, the untimely demise of my daughter. My daughter… It was all my fault. I was off guard. It was my carelessness… my foolishness… that caused the grief and pain I experience now. It unfolded like a horror story. My worst nightmares come true. Every night my wretched mind would re-enact the incident mercilessly. Playing again and again and again, not stopping, not yielding.
We were having just a little walk… just one of our weekly strolls. Nothing to worry about. Or so I thought. My little girl, playful as she was, fluttering around as if she had been blessed with the naivety and freedom of a tiny infant bird, was, naturally, not aware of the dangers ahead. Nor was I.
And so we walked on. My eyes kept being drawn to her little precious form. Her blue eyes were like the glowing Earth from orbit; her smile shined bright, as if all the stars in the universe had given up their light to her dancing teeth. Her bubbly gurgles emanated through my eardrums. I felt so very happy in my heart. Then, as classical warships ram their targets, she shot off as a gargantuan vehicle hit her. Her hour had come, her time to say her last words even before she had said her first.
It wasn’t just her death that plagues me to this day. It’s… it’s… That’s it! Her scream! Her shriek! It was like nothing I had ever heard before. As the truck hit her side, she cried out as if she was stabbed in the heart. Multiple times. I screamed with similar intensity. All the cars stopped. It was like time had stopped just for this moment. All the drivers exited their vehicles. I sprinted to my daughter’s side.
Blood… EVERYWHERE. A gash had opened on the side of the poor girl’s head. I could not believe my eyes. There she was, an innocent two-year-old girl, lying on the ground, the life seeping out of her eyes, along with all the apertures on her body. Her sky blue shirt had been stained red. Her blue eyes that glowed like the Earth from orbit stared blindly at the tarmac. Her shining smile had gone, as if the universe’s stars had taken back the light from it. Replacing it was an empty hole of a mouth, ajar, blood spilling out like the girl was a jug. Some of her teeth were broken. I cried and howled at the sight. I screamed her name. I mourned the loss of my last living relative.
There was a crowd gathering around my daughter. All looked in horror and shock. Some made signs of the cross on their torso. Others burst into tears. A few made calls to the ambulance, which I knew would be hopeless.
Her eyes flickered towards me. She breathed once. It sounded extremely laboured. Tears filled my eyes with significantly higher frequency.
“D--…D--…D--…Da…Da…Dada…” she whispered, grinning weakly.
The stars of the universe greedily snatched back the light from her remaining teeth. Her beautiful smile vanished. The spark disappeared from her once-glowing eyes.

What do you think?
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My future absences

Hi peoples,
I'm not going away just yet, but I might as well tell you in advance.
From around April to May (?) I'll be taking a break from the Omniverse Network wikis due to my semester exams during that time.
I'll also be away from October (?) to November (?) because of the second set of exams.
The exams are very important to me as they'll determine what subjects I'll be eligible for in Year 11 next year, so I hope you guys understand. :)
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The Metu

So, here's my pitch. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Epsilon V is a Desert planet orbiting Monocerotis α, a class F main sequence star with a smaller, class M red dwarf Monocerotis β tidally locked to it’s larger companion. The Monocerotis System is located in the Scutum-Centaurus arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Epsilon V is the largest of the six planets orbiting around the Monocerotis binary set, with the others being titled Epsilon I, II, III, IV and VI. The gas giant Epsilon VII existed as well, but it’s orbit slowly decayed until it finally spiraled off into space. Epsilon V is a harsh environment, mainly due to the extreme heat and large amounts of radiation output by Monocerotis α. The poles are a frozen mixture of water and ammonia, with small oceans seperating them from the mainland.  Despite the hostile environment, sentient life has managed to evolve on (and below) the surface of the planet.
The main intelligent species are the Metu, a quadrupedal race that lives mainly underground. Metu have three fingers, as well as opposable thumbs. Their fingernails are long, very sharp and shaped so that they can be connected to each other to form a spade, of sorts. The adult Metu have a scale-like epidermis composed of an iron oxide, which is developed by consuming the abundance of hematite and magnetite found underground. Metu cannot actually process the Iron, however, and if excess ore is consumed it will be regurgitated. These scales protect against predators, as well as the majority of the solar radiation output by the dual stars. They slowly flake off and have to be replaced. The Metu have developed three eyes, with the bottom two seeing the average spectrum and the upper third eye seeing the infrared spectrum. This third eye is mainly used for underground vision. It is closed aboveground, as the excessive heat energy would blind or otherwise damage it.
The Metu have developed FTL warp drives recently, but they are still rather unreliable. Instead, Ion engines are much more commonly used. The Metu have minor outposts on Epsilon III and VI that are used for mining and research. Epsilon IV was deemed unsuitable for colonization due to it’s extremely thick atmosphere. The Epsilon II base project was under construction, but was cancelled when an extraordinary large blast of radiation from Monocerotis β shut down all communications between the base and Epsilon V. The Epsilon II incident was heavily censored by the government, as they refused to send a shuttle to see if the colonists had survived.
Metu culture is heavily based around tradition and order. The Metu who violate the code of laws are first given a warning, then incarcerated, and if their behavior continues exposed to the worst shame possible for them. This shame is where the convicted are forced to let their scales flake off completely, leaving them an outcast from society and forced to stay entirely underground at risk of dying from radiation. These people are referred to as the Etnon Pellum, or the scaleless ones. If the crime committed is severe enough, the felon will immediately become one of the Etnon Pellum. Occasionally, Etnon Pellum band together and form their own settlements, although they are quickly stamped out by the main government. Religion is also oddly absent from Metu society, although small pockets of worshippers exist on the fringes of civilisation.
The Metu have a long and occasionally sad history. One event in particular, roughly translated to the Month of Tears, was an attack by a group of Etnon Pellum who detonated a bio-weapon in the Meto capital city, Kazisirea. The contagion released caused the scales of the Meto to solidify, leading to asphyxiation and death. In only a month, it killed about two thirds of the entire Metu population, including the entire population of Kazisirea. The capital is still contaminated, and quarantined by the government to insure a pandemic of that volume never happens again.
The Metu originally started as a large amount of tribal groups, which constantly warred and squabbled with each other. Eventually, the largest tribe decided the Metu race needed to be unified and went on a crusade, converting and absorbing any other city-states or tribes they encountered. This group eventually evolved into the modern Metu government. Although, some of the other tribes still exist, far away from the main civilization. They rarely encounter each other, but when they do they keep their distance. Ion engines were discovered accidentally by the renowned scientist and researcher Etul Taelou. He was attempting to develop a more efficient energy generator, but discovered that by bombarding xenon gas with electrons, it generated a large amount of ions when the xenon atoms changed polarities. This discovery sent the Metu's technology decades in the future, as well as sparking a new age of space exploration.
The Metu government is structured with a council of five holding power over the entire government. These five Metu are selected by the citizens via voting. Another council member is selected when an existing member dies. Council members can be voted off the council with an appropriate reason and a majority vote. This is a rare occurance, however, and is usually a punishment for extreme power abuse and other severe crimes. This has only happened once in Metu history, when M'lai Sunghali was forcibly expelled from the council for transferring large amounts of government resources to his personal reserves.
The Metu race have a large but rather primitive military. Almost every non-essential able Metu citizen can be drafted if need be, although this has not happened as of yet. The military technology of the Metu is rather primitive, however, with tubular combustion weaponry still being widely used. Research into energy-direction technology for military uses have been started, but it is still rather early in development. Many Metu citizens are unhappy with the current military policy, but due to the government structure have no choice but to obey the laws.
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Changes to the pitch system

In approximately two months, I will go inactive on the wiki for several months. I'll post a blog with details as the date draws near, but if you have any questions about my inactivity, please use my message wall.
Anyway, because of that, only one active admin will be left on the wiki, but the problem is that with the current system, pitches will not be able to be approved during that time. I figure that we should re-examine the pitch system and make some significant changes to better accommodate events such as these.

The proposition
I'm proposing that the new pitch system will no longer require the approval of two admins. Instead, it will be a community consensus with no specific number of votes needed. Basically, it will go like this:

New user posts their pitch
Other users give initial feedback
The user modifies the pitch to improve the quality
The pitch is examined again if necessary.
Ways to integrate the new content are thoroughly discussed by several other community members with the new user participating. Pitch is checked for lore contradictions, then it is approved.
As you can see, though it is quite similar to what we have now, with this update there would be less micromanaging, and new content can get integrated faster even if either of us admins happen to be away for extended periods.
What do you think? All feedback and comments are welcome.
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Time travel discussion

There's been a recent interest in time travel. This thread is for discussing the concept as well as its possible implementation.

Current stance
Right now, Omni 01 favors the Novikov self-consistency principle, or the stable time loop. That is, time is completely stable and the events of history cannot be altered.
While some theories of time travel involve parallel universes, Galactic Crucibles currently does not do this. Instead, parallel universes exist only because of the many-worlds theory.
At this time, there have not been any solid plans for implementing time travel, but that's what this thread is for. More info will be added to this first post once there's been further discussion.
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My Plans for Galactic Crucibles

With the current changes taking place in GC (most of which I support enthusiastically), I've decided to stop being so sluggish recently and get more into the position I was in a few months ago, when I was contributing a good few paragraphs every week, didn't leave whole projects sitting around for weeks on end and actually knew what I was doing with all my stuff. I've decided to throw my plans up here so that people can give their opinions, because some of the changes might be thought of as a bit drastic;
For a start, I'll probably get rid of the CIC, Free Co-operative Zone and Qʼanglʼamʻryyşʼan; not only are they too extravagent for their own good, but all of them have pretty much stagnated. This is understandable, as they were all made during a very boring multi-month gap I had between secondary school and sixth form, in which I went slightly overboard on new GC projects. These will do no good sitting around as bunches of half-made articles with little affect on any other civilizations. Of course, I could just re-invent them, but even then I would find it a lot easier just to re-make them from scratch (something I'm not going to do).
My most recent creation has been the Khoikapek. They represent a much more humble ideal I have for an interstellar setting; to make them more viable, I placed them in a dwarf galaxy with special rules imaginatively named Anon 0043+37. Many of the changes taking place in GC match very closely with my ideal for the Khoikapek; as such I'm already in the process of scrapping Anon 0043+37 and placing the Khoikapek in the Andromeda Galaxy, where there's more action.
Finally, I come to my main project. My very first creation on the wiki, which I have neglected for many a month, will be reborn! 'Zambarau Concord 2.0' will share distinctive themes with the original (defunct) Zambarau Concord, such as being ruled by a race of sapient purple foliage, but will still be unique in its own way. Not least, it will include less frivolously detailed information pages, capitalise more on setting, and hopefully be more involved with other civilizations.
Alas, the only question left unanswered is; what to do with the pages of the original Zambarau Concord?
Well, that's the grand plan. Any input, comments, questions or advice would be welcome.
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Static fiction (and possible time travel)

Recently, Suppy and I had discussed the possibility of static fiction. That is, developing all content within the same time period and maintaining a single "present day". All stories and RP's would be set in this time frame or another date which we agree upon. Although our wiki started out this way, it was still underutilized with a much greater focus on backstory than present day time, and we eventually moved away from it. By once again having a set present date, this could eliminate confusion and keep everyone on the same page much more easily.
Suppy's suggested date was 2143 AD, but one of the issues that remain is the articles that are set beyond this date such as the Sunt Invasion and the later phases of Chaos Crisis. Instead of 2143, using 2190 AD, the date when all of the dust of the Chaos Crisis would have settled, is another option although it is clear that 2143 AD is the far more developed of the two dates. It might not be wise to delete articles set in the future as they make up a good chunk of the wiki, but what I had as a counterproposal was to have multiple time periods to choose to write for and connect them via time travel.
Yes, I know what was said about time travel at the beginning of the wiki, but we may be able to get it to work if we agree upon having multiple time periods to choose from. While the specifics still need to be ironed out (if we end up using this idea), the way time travel could be utilized is to have it so that the different time periods are treated as separate locations divided by a time skip (and time travel would probably follow the logic of the stable time loop). I would more or less compare the relationship of these time periods as akin to the relationship between multiple universes in Multiverses Wiki. Just for example, there would be a faction or another group of people that would be capable of travelling from 2190 AD to 2143 AD and back, but there would only be a few that would have this ability, and such factions/characters would be collaboratively created.
As this is a rather significant change, we want to hear your feedback before we make any new rules. Let us know what you think. Which option do you think is best? Should we have a single, set present day, multiple time periods connected to one another, or should we just have no present day?

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