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Čøktuv Réwula$hon Na$hone

National Revolution Movement

General statistics
Type of Organisation Underground revolutionary movement
Affiliation N/A (de jure United Democracy of the Milurian People)
Branches Épusrį Réwula$hon (Revolution Army)

Réwula$honer Pnuvør (Young Revolutionaries)

Established 2143
Disestablished 2145 (merges with Čøktuv Urasbach to form the Tlos Réwula$hon (Revolutionary Front) then transforms into the Milurian Democratic Party)
Sister organisations Čøktuv Urasbach (Democratic Movement)

The National Revolutionary Movement (Milurian: Čøktuv Réwula$hon Na$hone pronounced "KSOW-kor-toav RAY-woo-la-she-ron Na-SHER-o-nen", abbrieviated as NRM, ČRN or CRN) was an underground organisation which was founded in 2143 by republicans in response to the foundation of the Second Holy Imperium of the Milurian People. It was led by Janos Porinsky, who eventually became the first Chancellor of the Federated Commonwealth of the Milurian Nation.


When Nicolas Markozy crowned himself Emperor of the Second Holy Imperium of the Milurian People, many were too frightened to challenge his self-proclaimed authority outright. Instead, two large underground groups began to form, kept secret from the government authorities loyal to the Imperium. These two groups became known as the National Revolutionary Movement and the Democratic Movement (abbrieviated as CRN and CU respectively).

The CRN and CU, realising that they were up against a common enemy, decided to ally themselves with each other, gaining strength, reputation and loyalty from the people in the next two years.

By 2145, the CRN and CU had become so powerful that they had come to the attention of the Imperial government. Emperor Nicolas I then ordered a strike against the revolutionary groups. As a result, many Miluri lost their lives.

Deciding that enough was enough, the CU merged with the CRN to form the Tlos Réwula$hon (Revolutionary Front) before declaring war against the Imperium. It was then that the Second Milurian Revolution began. The Emperor was also leading the majority of his armies in a campaign against the Estin at the time, and was not present for the Revolution. Thus, the weakened military of Miypria and the other territories of the Imperium were defeated after several months of attacks against them.

By the time the Emperor and his forces returned, all symbols of the Imperium's power was destroyed and flags of the new Federated Commonwealth of the Milurian Nation were flying throughout Miylbourne, the capital city. Many of the soldiers returning from the Estin campaign then turned on the Emperor, who then only had his loyal guards to protect him.

Nicolas I was subsequently arrested by the Commonwealth authorities and sentenced to permanent exile for high treason against the Commonwealth in the Andromeda VIII Galaxy, and the Royal Guards who were loyal to him were sentenced to life imprisonment for assisting a war criminal.

Following the Revolution, the Revolutionary Front was dissolved and reorganised into the Milurian Democratic Party, headed by Janos Porinsky. The MDP was immediately elected into power, and Porinsky was sworn in as the first Chancellor of the Commonwealth.

Notable membersEdit

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