66 Kklxin
Spectral type K4
Age 7 billion years
Size 0.7 Sol masses
Surface temperature 4214 K
Diameter 0.7 Sol diameters
Stars 1
Planets 2
Moons 60+
Cluster KH 01
Region or Arm Outer Arm
Galaxy Milky Way Galaxy
Faction Kklxin Hegemony

66 Kklxin is a star system in the Outer Arm with two planets.



Main article: Rew

Rew is a terrestrial world covered entirely in ocean. The Kklxin have built underwater bases on this planet. Rew has two small moons named Tira and Bultza.


Moln is an ammonia cloud gas giant with a large ring system. It serves as a readily available source of helium-3 for the Kklxin Hegemony.


Main article: Asylum

Asylum is a moon that came into orbit of Asylum. It was originally a moon of another gas giant in the Gehenna Galaxy, but with billions of embryos frozen within. Massive warp engines are attached to it, although they are no longer functional.

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