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The ABBLE UNITY or just ABBLE is an interstellar faction of Humans from Earth and aliens from the U.U. ABBLE (for now) only exists in the omni337 dimension. Its main homeworld is the solar system Tau Ceti, moon-planet Phosis and its artificial moon ABBLE.


Universe: Omni337 GalacticCluster: Virgo Galaxy: MilkyWay Star: Tau Ceti Planit: Ignatis-Phosis-ABBLE

The "People" of ABBLEEdit

ABBLE alliances:Edit

ABBLE does not want to overtake other factions in the universe because of its history of utopian style doctrines being drilled into the minds of its followers. Instead it forms many alliances wich seem to be more beneficial than trying to form a universally hated empire. The main alliances of ABBLE include the ABBLE-Earth Colonization Effort (AECE) wich was formed to colonize planets like Icaris and Mars.

Colonies/Worlds of ABBLE:Edit

Abble - An artificial world in the Tau Ceti system protected by the Ignatis gas giant, Abble is a heay industry world constantly developing new technology and millions of war machines to fight the Valiphid and any other group of people that tries to oppose them.

Icaris - ABBLE and the U.U. come together to save Icaris from the Valiphid , once it is secure ABBLE forms the AECE and practically gives Icaris to the people of Earth. The Fedra incident occurs creating the Fedraiil Republic civilization but eventually things go on as normal and Humans are brought to Icaris. New Ceti is The main civilian city of ABBLE and is located in the center of the Froscaant sea.

Daedalis - Icaris' water moon-planet houses a large ABBLE base and eventually a colony.

Tallion - Icaris' Jungle moon-planet is home to many colonists and research stations.

Phosis - As the largest moon of Ignatis, Phosis is home to abundant life and resources. It is the force that powers all of ABBLE.

ACI4 (Icaris II) - Named after Icaris because of its large deposits of hilgheum, Icaris II is easier to access because it is larger and has a weaker Mazosphere in some locations


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