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The ABBLE Earth Colonization Effort was founded in 4197 AD, its first mission was to teraform Icaris so that the people of Earth (omni337) could colonize it.

Missions: Edit

 Icaris: 4197-4238  ::  For the purpose of strengthening the alliances of Earth and ABBLE /  to harvest Helghium in rare forms.Edit

Outcome: Time manipulating anomalies caused the planet to be colonized quickly (the Fedraiil incident) allowing the original teraformers to multiply and become the Fedraiil Republic. This made Human and ABBLE colonization difficult due to the Fedraiils hatred torwards ABBLE. Due to the planets Tectonic instability and Fedraiils possessivness of the planet ABBLE is unable to obtain very much Helghium.

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