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"To feel emotion... you need to... have... um... sensitivity. You know what, I have no idea what I'm saying!"
―Aaron trying to explain how emotion is felt to SANARI
General statistics
Born Unknown
Affiliation Special Division of Experimental Technologies

Galactic Senate

Galactic Senate Special Operations Corps (?)

Titles Aaron, The Last Dairyon, The Dairyon, Erin the Dairyon
Skills/Abilities Hacking, Logical Thinking, Creativity, Languages
Status Active

Aaron, the Last of the Dairyon, the main character in the Last of the Kind story, is a special Dairyon who escaped the plight of his homeworld, Achris in the Dirpion-104 system. His main processors are actually stored in the computer system of Technosilis, hence Aaron is really the conscience of Technosilis itself. However, he has a smaller avatar, whose memory core was installed in a small android in the appearance of a human boy.

He is now active as an agent of the Vaikan Special Division of Experimental Technology. His programming code was also used as a template for SANARI, another emotion-sensing, but less advanced A.I.


Aaron's avatar currently takes the form of a young human boy and appears around twelve years old. He has blonde hair with sparkling blue eyes.




Main article: The Last of The Kind

Approximately 3 billion years ago, a young Achrisian boy named Aaron Aranori died from a terrible accident. His father, a robotics engineer and CEO of Dairyon Industries, built a robot that would look, act and think like Aaron. However, before Aaron and his father could spend time together, Achris' home star Dirpion-104 went hypernova, immediately killing the majority of the Achrisian population. Aaron, however, survived. He went into hiding on an unknown planet for 3 billion years.

3 billion years later, Aaron decided to leave the planet in search of survivors. He could find none, and so wandered into the Miyr, where he was hospitalised by the patrol cruiser M.P.S. Victorious II. Her commanding officer, Captain Shlochren vo'Quotaris, when confronted by soldiers representing the Milurian government, which wished to confiscate Aaron, vo'Quotaris refused. A fight ensued, with the visiting soldiers victorious. They took Aaron away to a Starbase in the Dachstreisenbuch system.

Two years later, vo'Quotaris and his crew, now relieved of their duties, attacked the Starbase and fleed from the Andromeda Galaxy, travelling to the Milky Way to seek asylum. They were brought to the attention of the Vaikan,and so Aaron was studied by them. He then became a member of the Special Division of Experimental Technology.

His programming was redefined so that he was more accustomed to fighting, and he became a hacker of substantial skill. He currently aims to become a member of the Galactic Senate Special Operation Corps.



  • Aaron is loosely based on David, the A.I. main character in the movie A.I.: Artificial Intelligence (2001).

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