Achris Technocracy
Location Andromeda Galaxy: Sanhul Arm, Gasruk Arm, Deras Grid, Berol Grid; Milky Way Galaxy: Outer Arm, Norma Arm, Perseus Arm
Size >300,000 systems
Kardashev class Type III
Founded {{{founded}}}
Status Defunct
Capital Achris
Official language Achrisian
Demonym Achrisian
Population >1.5 quadrillion
Species Achrisian, various other species
Government Parliamentary federal republic
Current leader(s) First - Orkar Shingo

Last - Kuta Norma

The Achris Technocracy was the primary faction of the Achrisian race before its extinction 3 billion years ago. It lasted for 500 million years, and at its peak constituted over 300,000 systems in total.


The Achris Technocracy had a tetracameral legislature known as the Kli'Haa (Achrisian for Parliament). The four houses were: the Kli'Soral, the Kli'Marat, the Kli'Horyal, and the Kli'Masyuk. Though the President directly resided in the Kli'Soral, he had representatives in all the other legislative houses.


The Kli'Soral was the highest of the Achrisian legislative houses. The Kli'Soral was created as a direct advisory body to the President. Though the other houses had members of different fields of technology and science, the Kli'Soral was composed completely of politicians.


The Kli'Marat was the second-highest legislative body, and is composed of the Technocracy's best scientists. The President also seeked advice from the Kli'Marat in the field of science. The Kli'Marat's maximum number of members was eighty-five.


The Kli'Horyal represented the field of engineering, and the Kli'Horyal had engineers from all over the Technocracy in its ranks. It shared equal importance with the Kli'Marat, and also had a maximum member count of eighty-five.


The Kli'Masyuk was very different from the other houses. Its member count at around two thousand, the Kli'Masyuk was the 'Council of the People', and its chambers were enormous. The Kli'Masyuk had members from each of the Technocracy's groups of territories and colonies, known as 'sectors'.

The Kli'Masyuk represented the entire population of the Technocracy, and presents its pleas, arguments, etc, to the President's representative. The Kli'Masyuk also plays a major role in the creation of laws.

Territories and coloniesEdit

The Achrisian Technocracy had over 300,000 systems under its control. For easier representation in the Kli'Masyuk, groups of one hundred and fifty star systems, called sectors, were placed under the control of an elected representative, known as a Mashyunka, who would represent the population of that sector in the Kli'Masyuk. There were around 2,000 sectors in the Technocracy at its peak.


The population of the Achrisian Technocracy was well over 1.5 quadrillion, making it one of the most-populated Ancient superpowers ever to exist. 56% of the population was Achrisian, while 32% was Qemusian. 10% was Insuril, while the remaining 2% was composed of other races.

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