General information
Status Extinct
Homeworld Achris
Type Sapient Humanoid Mammal
Symmetry Bi-lateral
Diet Omnivorous
Lifespan {{{lifespan}}}
Other distinctions Striking similarities to Humans

The Achrisian race is an extinct species who engineered the Dairyon. They originated from the planet of Achris and expanded throughout the colossal Dirpion-104 Nebula and beyond, at their peak occupying almost the entire galaxy. This empire that they created became known as the Achris Technocracy. The Achrisians also had colonies in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Because they evolved when their star was dying, the  Achrisians perished when their star went hypernova 3 billion years ago. This hypernova caused the formation of many well-known star systems, such as the Miyr system.

Rumour has it that the Achrisians had evolved even earlier than the legendary Skojan. Based on recent research, it could be that the Achrisians appeared even earlier than the Karnasaurs, who have existed for so long, that exactly how long they have been around is unknown.


In the beginning, 7 billion years ago, the Achrisians evolved. They developed extremely quickly, and gained sapience five million years after they had evolved. The Achrisians continued to develop peacefully, until they became space-faring.

The Achrisians colonised all of the worlds in the Dirpion-104 system, before beginning to expand into the rest of the Nebula. Two thousand years later, they had all of the Nebula under their rule. However, after the collapse of the Achrisian Diamond Empire, the Achrisians created the Achris Technocracy.

The Achrisians continued to expand, and by 6 BYA, they had colonised almost all of the Andromeda Galaxy. They made plans to travel to the Milky Way Galaxy using their newly developed MegaWarp Drive.

In 4 BYA, Dairyon Industries was founded by Unra Dairyon. This company manufactured robots for use in the Achrisian Military. Eventually, development reached the stage where these artificial intelligences, also known as Dairyon, expanded beyond the military, and entered people's homes.


Scientific classificationEdit

Kingdom: Animalia (Animals)

Phylum: Chordata (Chordate)

Class: Mammalia (Mammals)

Order: Primates (Monkeys, gorillas, humans, etc.)

Family: Hominidae (Exclusively chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, humans, orangutans and their genera)

Tribe: Homonini (Homonids)

Subtribe: Homonina (Exclusively Homo genus)

Genus: Homo (Generally defined as Human)

Species: Homo Achrisius (Achrisian Human)

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