TSS Verantirian

The TSS Verantirian, the most well-known of the Adventurous class vessels

The Adventurous class is a class of starship utilised by the Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm's Starfleet. The first vessel of this class, the T.S.S. Adventurous, was commissioned in 2140.

TSS Adventurous (NSX 40215)Edit

The 'TSS Adventurous was the first starship of the Adventurous class. It was commissioned in 2140, and was the class' flagship, as well as its namesake. The Adventurous commanding officer was Captain Oria Natsuno.

TSS Verantirian (NSX 1071)Edit

See the article.

TSS Equality (NSX 49201)Edit

Equality self-destruct

As the T.S.S. Equality self-destructs, her bridge tears itself apart.

The TSS Equality was the third vessel of the Adventurous class. Commissioned in 2143, the Equality was attacked and boarded by pirates intent on stealing the new technologies on board the vessel. Her commanding officer, Captain Toral Maisha, was forced to initiate the Equalitys self-destruct sequence, destroying the vessel. However, the entire crew escaped unharmed. The pirates, however, weren't so lucky.

TSS Triumph (NSX 21470)Edit

TSS Celestia (NSX 76845)Edit

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