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"The darkest souls are not those who choose to exist in the Inferno of the Abyss, but those which choose to move silently among us."
Lanu Quote in response to the Exonoma threat after they used iniltrator agents.

The Aella Coalition was made by 2 races in response to the rise of other new powers in the Aella Galaxy. The 2 races that control the Coalition each lived on another side of the Galactic Centre, they have advanced technology either found by inventing it themselves or finding caches of lost civilisations.



The Coalition has 3 headquarters that can work independantly or cooperate with each other, each member has one and there is a headquarters where both species are present.

  • Kleg-Suth: The HQ of the Aelrova, it is a giant space station where the Aelrova Fleet Command is situated, the form of the station is made in such a fashion it can always be emlarged if needed.
  • Thur'vayen: The HQ of the Lanu, it is a planet that has been given a small artificial atmosphere and gravity towers to allow their people to walk the surface, the bases are located beneath the surface and the surface itself is covered with military bases and giant installations.
  • Dygon: A HQ where both members are present, it is in fact a giant ship (the biggest seen in the Aella Galaxy) that follows a specific path around the Galactic Core, it is guarded by several fleets and millions of soldiers.


  • Aelrova: The Aerova are a militaristic race located on the arm where the Exonoma began attacking the races of the Aella Galaxy. They have a large navy consisting of billions of ships ranging from small vessels to gargantuan dreadnoughts.
  • Lanu: The Lanu are a race with a strong and extremely stable economy, they have invented and researched many technologies on their own before meeting the Aelrova. When they joined forces with the Coalition the Lanu agreed to provide the Aelrova with technology to upgrade their fleets in return all they had to do was safeguard their planets, an agreement the Aelrova happily signed.


For main article, see: Aella Core Forces

While the Coalition itself was made to be a military organisation they eventually agreed to give this job to the Aella Core Forces, or ACF for short, to safeguard their space. The ACF works cooperatly with the Aella Coalition Administrative Office for recruitment, logistics and supply management.

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