Aella Galaxy
Barred spiral galaxy 2-t2
A map of the galaxy.




110,000 lightyears



Number of stars


The Aella Galaxy (also known as NGC 1300) is a barred spiral galaxy located 61 million lightyears from the Milky Way Galaxy. It is a member of the Eridanus Cluster, and has several major powers residing inside such as the Aella Coalition and the Exonoma.


The Aella Galaxy is a barred spiral galaxy with 2 arms and a core region.


Main article: Aella History

The Aella Galaxy long led a golden age as war was gone, the bloodshed had stopped. But ever since the arrival of the Exonoma that ancient tradition had returned to the inhabitant's worlds. The Exonoma rushed through the worlds of the Alliance of Free Worlds, and at the dawn of their destruction the other superpowers began to realise they had to unite their forces to put a halt to the Exonoma's progress.

After several millenia of fighting and seeing how the biggest superpower, the Aella Coalition, shrank to only a small size of its former glory, they slowly began to accept defeat. But at this very moment the Exonoma suddenly began their halt, they converted their conquered worlds into fortresses maintained by A.I.'s and left with every soldier and ship.

Ever since the superpowers have been trying to reclaim their lost worlds with little succes. Only the Aella Coalition and the Hazurian Swarm have been able to reclaim some parts.

Notable Species/AlliancesEdit

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