Aiston map
A map of Aiston's surface
Star Cedris
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Satellites Kranas, Pheron
Gravity 1.06g
Orbital distance 1.1 AU
Day length 24.2 hours
Year length 398 Earth days
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Axial tilt 18.39°
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Atmosphere composition 76.2% nitrogen, 22.1% oxygen, 1.6% argon, remainder other gases
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Aiston is a planet in the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, and the Zeth homeworld. It orbits the star Cedris.


A terrestrial, garden world, Aiston orbits 1.1AUs from a G1V-type star.


Aiston has a radius of around 6600 km, and a mass of 6.8E24kg (1.14 Earth masses). It has a density of 5.62g/cm3, approximately that of Earth. As such, its surface gravity is 1.06gs.


Taking 24.2 hours to rotate, and with a stabilised axial tilt of 18.39 degrees, Aiston has regular seasons.


The crust of Aiston is 40.9% oxygen, 28.9% silicon, 17.8% iron, 9.2% aluminium, 2.3% titanium, 1.6% calcium, and the remainder other elements.


The surface of Aiston is 51.5% water, mainly in deep seas. There are no ice caps. The average global temperature is 25 degrees Celsius.


Aiston's atmosphere is 76.2% nitrogen, 22.1% oxygen, 1.6% argon, and the remainder other gases. The pressure at surface level is 1.05 bars.


Aiston has two large moons- Kranas, with 0.7 lunar masses and orbiting at 380,000 km, and Pheron, with 0.5 lunar masses and orbiting at 280,000 km. They are believed to have been produced by two successive impacts with large planetoids. Kranas is notable for its north pole, which bears a large crater in which large quantities of ice can be found.

It also has a large number of artificial satellites.


A planet with high biodiversity and many classes of organism, Aiston is richly populated with life. Around 43% of its land area is covered with forest.


Aiston is home to the Zeth, who have one remaining nation upon the planet- the Republic of Xelass.

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