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Alexandra Helios is a female Human and one of the three 'Wonder Babies' found during the Infection War in 2164 AD. She is the twin sister to Alicia Helios and is the older sister of Violet Helios. Due to her unknown date of birth she celebrates her birthday at the passing of each year, researchers estimate she was born somewhere in 2160 AD.


Like her sisters, Alexandra's date of birth is unknown due to the trouble during the Infection War, she was found protecting her 2 younger sisters (research has discovered Alexandra is the oldest of the trio) with a gun when Zephyr supersoldiers found her and brought her to safety. The rescue of them have made them known as the 'Wonder Babies' and they are well known through Drahoni space.


Alexandra has spent most of her youth on the Human planet Palteono along with her sisters being under the watchful eye of the government, she was placed in a foster home as nobody knew who her parents were or if they were still alive at all. She was a brilliant pupil in class although her teachers noticed she daydreams a lot. At the age of 12 she was redirected to a military school after several 'caretakers' noticed potentiol in her.

Teenage yearsEdit

Military acadamyEdit

When she became 18, one year prior to Operation Cold Blue Light in which she participated, she had spent several years in a Drahoni military school where she had undergone harassment by female Drahoni soldiers. She resolved this problem by singlehandedly fighting all of them during a training session in which she gained fame quickly, the particular females retained a grudge against her but never undertook another action.

Blackout WarEdit

Alexandra participated in the Blackout War having fought at the side of Natas Leviuded. She played a crucial role in protecting him as she provided him with sniper fire when he was pinned down.


Alexandra is a 1,95m tall woman with blond hair and green eyes, she weighs 81 kg. Her hair is ussualy tied in a ponytail with 2 locks of hair hanging loose on each side of her head.

She is ussualy dressed in a loose outfit to retain agility, this outfit consists of a silk pant and a blue shirt.

When she participated in the Blackout War she was given a Human-modified version of the ADRONIS PCA.


Alexandra is a very curious women who has an urge to defend her sisters, a trait which she shares with her twin sister Alicia Helios.


Alexandra's good condition allows her to sprint for long periods, she is also able to quickly recuperate from fatigue.


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