The Altusian Brotherhood is a cult dedicated to the worship of the deity known as Vernietigen. Their leader is a Vaikan named Infra.

The Altusian Brotherhood started off as a non-profit religious organization funded by Rusit Industries serving as their personal guard and fighting force in the Confederacy of Greenwater. After an incident where Ahrganot Skizgo murdered a businessman named Yari Kuznetsov, the organization became an officially recognized terrorist group.


The Altusian Brotherhood primarily operates in Krar's Underworld. However, they have many outposts located throughout the Greenwater Nebula.


Altusian Brotherhood beliefs are rooted in ancient Omni religion which had risen in practice with the discovery of numerous ancient alien artifacts such as the Stone Rings. However, the Brotherhood claims to be the next step in religion, taking the basic ideas to new levels. The Altusian Brotherhood's beliefs are based on the Dark Prophecy, a message that the leader Infra supposedly received in a dream. Infra would guide the brotherhood to find the Promised Land where they would revive their guardian deity and bring about a new age of everlasting peace while all non-believers would perish.

While the majority of followers are not adamant about such beliefs (only in it for the money), the hardcore followers believe that Vernietigen is an actual, divine entity and that his word is interpreted by the augur named Sidian.

Followers of the Altusian Brotherhood are intolerant of other religions, believing that Vernietigen is the absolute truth - all other religions are considered false and misguided.


1. Infra is our Chosen and savior. He will lead us to the truth.

2. There are no gods but Vernietigen, the one true Harbinger of history.

3. Peace can only be achieved when non-believers cease to exist.

4. Freedom is the greatest evil.

5. The Dark Prophecy is the word of Vernietigen.

6. Through the augur Sidian, Vernietigen speaks.

7. The holy land of Vernietigen lies beyond the stone gate in the green sea.

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