The Amphibiax are a race of warmongering fish like people ruled by a monarchy.


The Amphibiax evolved from underwater creatures on the planet Ky'kom'kan and evolved sapience because slowly the Amphibiaxes prey became faster and stealthier so the Amphibiaxes were forced to develop strategy and hunt in packs so slowly they gained sapience. For communication purposes they evolved an organ which can send and recieve radiowaves. Then they moved onto land.


Originally the Amphibiax only had crude stone tools. Then one tribe found out they could make metal weapons by melting metal. Very soon after another tribe found out and attacked the other tribe then other tribes found out and it became a planet encompassing war. Eventually the tribe that had metal was destroyed. And everybody knew how to make metal. After,two tribes found an entire cave of diamonds at least 500km wide and the two tribes fought over that. With the winner being able to have a giant amount of diamonds. When the winners resurfaced with their armors adjourned with all varietys of diamonds the other tribes interpreted this as work of gods and worshipped the tribe with the diamonds. Later they expanded their knowledge with science and this caused even more war. As one tribe tried to get the others technology. Eventually,over hundreds of years one tribe had assimilated all other tribes into their tribe then when boats were invented they travelled to another continent and discovered that a similar occurrence of assimilation happened on this continent thus both factions went to war. Then an asteroid crashed and the two warring factions had to work together to survive.

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