The Ancients are considered to be any species that existed 100,000 years ago or more.

List of AncientsEdit

  • Achrisian - One of the earliest civilisations of the Andromeda Galaxy. Also colonised the Milky Way. First creators and utilisers of Jump Drive technology. Went extinct 3 billion years ago when their home star, Dirpion-104, went hypernova, destroying their empire, the Achris Technocracy.
  • Alkan - A species that flourished at least 4 - 5 billion years ago.
  • Omni - A race of technological giants that once had an empire that spanned the entire Milky Way galaxy. Despite their destruction by the Harbingers, they continue to have an influence on the majority of mortal races in the galaxy.
  • Mezato
  • Exonoma - A race of shapeshifters hailing from around 1,2 million BC that has a foothold in the Large Magellanic Cloud and has mostly conquered and secured their dominance in the Aella Galaxy. Most of their technology was mimicked from the Omni but now they mostly use technology of their own.

List of Ancient technologyEdit

Main article: List of Ancient technology

List of locations of Ancient originEdit

Main article: List of locations of Ancient origin

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