Spectral type K4
Age 5 billion years
Size 0.7 Sol masses
Surface temperature 4218 K
Diameter 0.7 Sol diameters
Stars 1
Planets 7
Moons 70+
Cluster Globular Cluster Z
Region or Arm Galactic Core Zone
Galaxy Milky Way Galaxy
Faction Buyuk Empire

Ankor is a Class K star in Globular Cluster Z. Remarkably, it manages to sustain two habitable planets despite being close to the Galactic Core Zone.



Esmane is a close orbiting terrestrial planet covered entirely in lava. It makes a single orbit in a mere three days.


Hetk is an iron planet struck by a large planet-sized object billions of years ago. All what remains is the core, allowing mining to be easy and efficient.


Main article: Ankodega

Ankodega is a world with a thick atmosphere and a strong magnetic field. The geography consists of forests and wetlands. The planet has two continents, large oceans and no ice caps, making it have a relatively constant temperature. It is home to a sapient species known as the Ankodites.


Main article: Neranko

Neranko is a cold, barely habitable desert world with two large ice caps. With a thin atmosphere, it is highly vulnerable to radiation.


Dydysis is a large gas giant three times the mass of Jupiter. It has a dull magenta color.


Kronoke is a ringed gas giant smaller than Saturn.


Ank was a rogue terrestrial planet that entered orbit around Ankor about 35 million years ago. From passing through clouds of dust and debris, it has acquired a magnificent ring system.

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