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Postcard Intro Story One Homecoming

Homecoming - S. GravesEdit

The war had been tough on us all, especially humanity, especially now. The year was planned to be a pleasant one some 5 years ago, in the lonely valley which a single, distraught man headed. The small town of Montrose, a lazy town in the mountains of the state of Colorado. Things had become different, strange, almost alien after the Eteno claimed Earth as their own and as this silent figure marched down the forest road, he passed by the occassional abandoned car, and crashed pickup truck, listening to the birds chirp as cars had become a thing of the past.

The year was 1992, and after spending nearly two years in Atlantic City trying to get a safe ride home. Silas Graves, a man in his mid-thirties wearing his dirt-covered coat, swung his arm to reposition the duffle bag on his shoulder and looked over at his elbow. The coat sleeve was covered in a shiny reflective tape and his other sleeve was patched up using old Air Force patches and some string. He looked behind him, as he heard the gentle rumble of an engine, his eyes a bit confused as he brushed his bangs out from his eyes.

A large truck, it's wheels covered by poorly welded plates and it's windows covered by metal blinds drove slowly down the road, making a wide turn, and weaved through the burned out cars before coming to a stop by Silas. The door slowly propped open and a large, bearded man in a plaid shirt and jeans looked down at him.

"Where ya' headin'?" The man said, he looking slightly down at Silas's 6 foot frame. Silas just coughed a bit,

"Heading to Montrose, you too?" Silas asked. The man merely nodded and pointed to the back of the truck where faces peaked over the wooden cage which had been built. Silas nodded as he saw and walked towards the back of the truck as the man reentered his vehicle.

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