Unclassified location!
This star system or world has no specified star cluster, nebula or parent star. For organizational purposes, please indicate where in the universe it is.
Star Ostzaro
Type Gas giant
Satellites 2

- Mrosuka

- Achapro

Gravity 20.6 G
Orbital distance 7.9 AU
Day length 34 Earth years
Year length 24 Earth years
Diameter 60 Earth diameters
Axial tilt 94 degrees
Average Unknown
Minimum Unknown
Maximum Unknown
Atmosphere composition 70% Neon, 13% Helium, 4% Hydrogen, 13% Other gases
Surface pressure 9 atm
Factions Galactic Senate
Population 20,000 (on moons)
Major imports Unknown
Major exports Helium-3

Arilios is a gas giant planet which is contested for its valuable abundance of metals like iron and platinum on its moons. To discourage conflict over the planet, Arilios has recently been placed under direct administration of the Galactic Senate It is located in the Milky Way Galaxy, in the Outer Arm.

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