The Arohko Stream is a remote region in the Wild Sector home to a group of spacefaring civilizations once thought to have vanished. Only recently were they rediscovered.

The region is relatively large at roughly 3,000 lightyears in diameter, and it is home to the Large Magellanic Cloud Alliance.



Main article: Eluthas

Eluthas is the home star system to the Drahoni, a sapient species that inhabits the planet Xenzhoan.


Main article: Paltesol

The Paltesol system is home the human colony on the planet Palteono. After the War on Gaea, a group of human explorers went missing. Reportedly, the humans here are descended from the group of missing explorers.


Main article: Xzenic

Xzenic is a star system containing the planet Aerszonic, home to the Xzeron.


Main article: Hly

Hlythroon is a star system home to the Hylios who are from the planet Hlythroon.


Main article: Ækati

Ækati is a trinary star system home to the Zi'vani colony of the same name, established by the ancient Empire of Skyridge.


Main article: Weevyrn

Weevyrn is a brown dwarf near Xzenic. It is orbited by several planets, one of which is home to Weevyrn Colony, a Zi'vani colony established by the Empire of Skyridge.

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