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Note: This page is on the Arythians as a government. The page on the race will be made later.



The Arythian Republic is the government of the (wait for it) Arythians! Who would've guessed? Anyways, these Arythians in question are a rather unique bunch. They are the biological descendants of the Zaeis Hegemony. The reason why they are separate nations is because the Zaeis Hegemony died. It is a sad story. You should be able to read more about it on the link above. Well, as soon as I get the fall of the Zaeis written. Still working on it. Anyways, among the variety of plans to save the Zaeis made was one that was among the only two actually done, the other being the Krytos, which can also be read about on the link I added. This plan was to make a duplicate species, and keep them contained in cryo-tubes where their bodies and intellect would grow, since they were then nothing but cells sharing similar DNA structures with the Zaeis. The Zaeis themselves also tried to preserve themselves in the tubes, which didn't work out too well, as I'll write later. Anyways, these cells eventually evolved into near-perfect replicas of the Zaeis, preserving the legacy of them. --MORE LATER--

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