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Ashadrans are a genetically engineered group of humans created by the Tokarthi when they were taking soil, flora and fauna samples from other planets.


Physiologically, Ashadrans resemble Humans. Ashadrans originally evolved on Gaea, but, around 10000 BC, the Tokarthi race lifted the colonized continent of Lemuria off of Earth and transplanted it on the planet of Ashadra. From their, they were genetically modified to be able to comprehend some Tokarthi Writings.

Because the Harbingers viewed the actions of Selvarius as a violation of the Covenant, the Tokarthi were hunted down to extinction leaving the Ashadrans to fend for themselves for the next 2,000 years. Not willing to accept the loss of his creations, he decided to choose a prophet that would carry out his legacy when the time was right. To achieve this, he exploited loopholes. Rather than directly intervening, he left hints behind for others to follow.

Like their Gaean counterparts, Ashadrans became endangered after being exposed to the hostility of other alien races. Very few Ashadran remain today and most live in colonies in the Crab Nebula.


Ashadrans have had very little contact with their Gaean counterparts. Between these two groups of humans exists tension and even hostility due to their differing core philisophical beliefs. Both accuse the other of being egocentric, and groups such as the Queen Anne Union do not see Ashadrans as humans at all.

Ashadrans have received the most protection and attention by the Delson Hegemony who managed to save their kind from extinction by the Harvesters. However, when an Ashadran was appointed to represent humanity, Gaeans who believed that the Ashadrans were a separate race were outraged.

Differences from Gaean HumansEdit

Differences between Gaean Humans and Ashadrans are normally subtle. One such difference is that Ashadrans can be born naturally with purple eyes, an eye color absent in Gaean Humans. However, even in Ashadrans, this is an extremely rare eye color.

Notable AshadransEdit

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