Star 66 Kklxin
Type Snowball moon
Primary Moln
Gravity Unknown
Orbital distance Unknown
Day length Unknown
Year length Unknown
Diameter 3,000 kilometers
Axial tilt Unknown
Mean Unknown
Minimum Unknown
Maximum Unknown
Atmosphere composition Unknown
Surface pressure Unknown
Faction Unknown
Population Unknown
Major imports Unknown
Major exports Unknown

Asylum was formerly the moon of a large gas giant in the Gehenna Galaxy. Records on the original system were long lost, but the moon itself was modified to become a sanctuary for the Kklxin. After millions of years, the rogue planet reached the Milky Way Galaxy.

Kklxin embryos were kept on this planet in stasis, and they would mature upon arrival around a suitable star system.


Originally, the moon had a frozen surface with oceans beneath. Much of Asylum was converted to facilities, effectively transforming it into a mobile starship. Due to the compression effect, Asylum can only travel near lightspeed.

The ship itself is powered by geothermal energy generated at the core.


To conserve energy and resources, Kklxin and numerous embryos were put in stasis as well as a cache of technology to be frozen in the ice.

Enormous warp engines are attached to the planet along the equator which can propel it almost the speed of light. Asylum was equipped to handle millions of years within the intergalactic void, so the embryos remained in stasis. These engines were deconstructed by the Kklxin after emerging to create ships.