This page is about the Avetza species: What they look like, What they're organs are, How they behave socially and most other things to do with their attributes.

Evolution From What?Edit

It is highly assumed that the Avetza have evolved from microbial life in deep underwater caverns where there is no light, feeding off the plant life surrounding the geothermal vents. These microbes have been assumed to start climbing up the walls of undersea caverns and into air pockets where the microbes could start to breathe aerobically. These microbes would then evolve to move and slide across the walls with powerful (proportionally) suction cups made from air pockets underneath the microbes. These microbes would stay hidden in the caves and would eat other species and as they evolved they would hang from the cavern ceilings and sprouted more tendrils to do so over the years. These tendrils would change into limbs which provided better movement and the sensory organs changed to constantly emit high frequency noises akin to radio waves. This allowed them to visualise the area around themselves and they took back into the open water degenerating from the ceiling squatters they once were.

As they expanded into the open water they began to find many more resources and the species grew exponentially. At this point they began to mate sexually to diversify across the oceans in great numbers. These aquatic creatures would at one point split off into many different creatures including that of the Gratuuk and even the Teslo species. The Avetza strain of these creatures found the shores, unlike other strains of the developing creatures, and the dormant aerobic respiration of gases gave them a huge evolutionary leap on the land. The Avetza would also have their skin tan to orange and become scaly to protect against the ultraviolet radiation of their star.

These creatures on the beaches became accustomed to sand and their tentacle-like limbs evolved into sturdier more packed versions of tentacles useful for standing on land and moving across the sand quickly. The Avetza at this point belonged to a group of trilaterally symmetrical creatures which found ease in turning and speeding around in the desert. The Avetza also migrated around the globe at this point spanning out to many different regions including the high mountains, vast deserts and up the famous diamond trees which blocked out much of the radiation of the star that was given off.

The next jump in evolution came when their tentacle limbs sprouted smaller split-offs going down them which gave the Avetza more manipulation when it came to the environment. After this point the only advances have been in the growing of the nervous organs, general size and the precision of their sensory organs.





Mostly to be written.

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