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Small-Timer Nations...Edit

are young nations in the Azurin Galaxy. Due to their age (which is young), they are not particularly powerful. Controlling only a small number of systems, Small-timer nations are still growing.

Galaxy MapEdit

Galaxy Map- Small timer nations

Map of the locations of the Small-timernations (Pre-War of Four Armies)


  • Isiran Republic
  • Izen Monarchy
  • Gallirian Oligarch


Gallirian Dealings with the Azurin Pirates Edit

The Gallirian Oligarch still felt the pain of a recent economical crash, and so was not particularly healthy. Eventually, some 50 years later, the economy suffered so much they were reduced to plundering other small-timers. This plundering very quickly attracted the attention of the Azurin Pirates...

Sure enough, they approved, then requested an alliance. The Gallirians, eager to make alliances after creating a myriad of enemies through their amateur plundering, joined them.

The War of Four Armies Edit

After the plundering of both the Pirates and the Gallirians, the Isiran Republic and the Izen Monarchy joined forces to rid the galaxy of the Gallirians. Eventually, after a Human Decade, the Pirate and Gallirian forces buckled. The Isiran Republic and Izen Monarchy then proceeded to beat the living stuffing out of the Gallirians, while the Pirates attempted to intervene. Eventually, the Pirates succeeded in evacuating the Gallirians. The now homeless Gallirians went to find unpopulated planets to occupy. For a while, the Isirans and the Izens lived in peace.

Krytos UprisingEdit

See the here for more information about the Krytos!

Then, like most nations, they suffered a period of invasion when the Krytos re-awoke. Beside the Gallirians, all of the Small-timer Nations panickedly reformed their alliances with each other and attempted to fend off the Krytos, with limited success.

Joining the Greater NationsEdit

As the Krytos continued to push through, the Small-timer nations one day "discovered" the Clyron Technocracy. Glad to make new friends, they very quickly became part of the Issorean-Arythian-Clyron Alliance.

An Unhappy PactEdit

Throughout the years of conflict, it was found that the Pirates cared not for alliances or the Krytos, and simply took advantage of the Chaos to plunder more planets. Eventually, a pact had to be made. The Alliance payed the Pirates a considerable sum and made a pact with them. It was agreed that, as long as the Krytos were a threat, the Pirates would halt their plundering and direct their firepower on the Krytos. Of course, none of them were particularly happy by the end, and yet, that was the decision made.

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