The Baanford Frontier is a nebula located in the Wild Sector of the Large Magellanic Cloud. The nebula encompasses an area roughly 60 lightyears in diameter.



Main article: Poilsis

Poilsis is a binary FM pair. The fifth planet, Paskirtis, was a major settlement created by the Karalian Empire, but a totalitarian regime took over shortly after the War Between Vaikan States.


Main article: Gaisma

Gaisma is a binary pulsar pair with four carbon-rich planets. Amazingly enough, one of the planets, Gaisma III, is home to an underground anaerobic ecosystem as well as a primitive, yet sapient species.

A space station in high orbit above Gasma III serves as a major Vaikan rebel base.


Main article: Klaidonis

Klaidonis is a white dwarf system with two planets - a lava covered world and an ammonia cloud gas giant. On one of the gas giant's moons is the homeworld of a hive-minded species known to feed off of energy emanating from a ship's engines. This creature has since been spread all across the Wild Sector after generations of starships transported them across numerous worlds.


Main article: Dovana

Dovana is a Class K star with seven planets, the fourth of which is an Earth-sized world in the habitable zone. Dovana IV is covered with a gargantuan plant-like life form known as the Dovana Death Forest that secretes an acid powerful enough to break down metal making it incredibly difficult for ships to land on the planet's surface.

Unusually enough, a Vaikan cult was formed that worships this plant creature as a deity, and followers will make offerings and sacrifices to it.


Main article: Ardron

Ardron is a red dwarf, orbited by two planets, one of which, Ardron b, is a habitable "Eyeball world." Ardron b was once home to a Zi'vani colony, Ardron Colony, but was conquered by the Vaikan regime that controls several worlds in this nebula. The colony is now a mining base.

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