Commissioned in 2142 AD, the Batra is a highly advanced starship created for the Galactic Senate Special Operations Corps. It was designed by Eteno, Vaikan and Karnasaur engineers incorporating the best technology they had to offer.


The Batra is named after a small, flying reptilian creature native to Ucharpli known for its agility and stealth.


The ship is 100 meters in length and has a hull lined with Steel 28 and traces of Dragonrock. The ship is a sleek, azure color with smooth aerodynamic shape for efficient travel in atmospheres. The ship's command deck is located in the center of the ship, providing as much hull protection as possible. Instead of windows, the ship has viewing screens which are created by tiny camera placed along the outside of the ship.

The Batra has two large cylindrical propulsion engines capable of rotating in almost any direction, as well as four smaller, movable wings which each contain a small propulsion engine. The placement of these engines as well as the ability to directly control which direction they output a force allows for maneuvers which are normally impossible in space. This gives the Batra the classification of a frigate, a ship designed primarily for speed and maneuverability.

The entirety of the crew is robotic. The ship can repair itself though the GSSOC can give commands while on the bridge.


The Batra is equipped with a miniature warp drive, remarkable for a ship its size. However, FTL is still preferred for short range travel, while the warp drive is more practical for long distance travel.

Like all Vaikan ships, a drive core dump within the magnetosphere of a planet is necessary every 48 hours to prevent an electrical discharge that could fry all the Batra's systems.


The Batra is equipped with many types of weaponry from all empires.

Particle cannonEdit

A standard attack that fires a long stream of particles which is designed to melt the hull on the enemy ship. It is fired from a large turret on the bow of the ship.

Kinetic torpedoEdit

A large bolt of telekinetic energy designed to penetrate the shields of the enemy. These are fired from primarily the port and starboard sides.

-more to come

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