Battle against Suntsitzeagal
Date: 2186 AD
Place: Dark Space, 500,000 lightyears from the Milky Way Galaxy
Outcome: Neutralization of Suntsitzeagal, deactivation of the Anathema












The Battle against Suntsitzeagal is the final conflict of the Chaos Crisis. It was in this decisive battle that the fate of the entire universe was determined.


After analyzing data from the Safe Zones, the Galactic Senate was able to create a signal that could direct Suntsitzeagal, the Anathema Prime, to another destination. The interuniversal device that led to Brunikor was sent aboard a warship that would move within a region in Dark Space. The signal was sent out, drawing hordes of Anathema into the area and eventually Sunt himself. Those that were delivering the device were confronted by legions of Gomodd and a small Ran'Cor legion whose intent was to destroy the interuniversal device before it was detonated.

Just as Sunt was arriving, the portal was detonated, and the signal directed Sunt to go inside of it. The portal was closed behind Sunt and the Anathema who then proceeded to destroy Brunikor.


The Anathema had left Omni01 following the orders given by the hacked frequency and were no longer in the universe. Brunikor was destroyed and the Anathema hibernated in there afterwards, with universal law against going to Brunikor.

The result of the Anathema attacks and the battle against Sunt left a small population of Demons in Omni01, aswell as giving harsh blows to many other civilisations.

As Vernietigen had far too many glitches to continue operating, the threat of the Gomodds diminished. They retreated to an unknown location and the Ran'Cor Sidian and Skal'Deron began palnning a new assualt on the galaxy, unaware that the Anathema's deactivation brought the Milky Way to the attention of an ancient entity based in the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy.----

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