This article is about the battle in a non-narrative format. For the story, see Battle of Technosilis (story).
Battle of Technosilis
Date: 2147 CE
Place: In the vicinity of Technosilis
Outcome: Successful retainment of Technosilis

Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm

Eteno Imperial Triumvirate

Silence Union


Captain Kunamo Hara of the DFSNA Royal Starfleet

Fleet Master Karato Marevarensu


1 Tsuinaron Megacarrier (T.S.S. Uraniko)

1000 Tsuinaron fighters

6 Eteno cruisers (Falange, Robrecht, Havard, Gennadi, Vilppu, and Kukkyōna Eihei)

50 other smaller Eteno vessels

10 cruisers

500 fighters


T.S.S. Unakiro, Kukkyōna Eihei

Cruisers Takkuron and Mokkuron

The Battle of Technosilis was a Tsuinaron and Eteno conflict which took place in the space of Technosilis. It resulted in the loss of the Tsuinaron mega-carrier T.S.S. Uraniko and the Eteno cruiser Kukkyōna Eihei, but the defence of the planet from the hostile Silence Union was successful.

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