"When you see one of your fellow soldiers vomit blood and grow a nice pair of brand-new tentacles, be ready to run like hell and shoot everything you have at it!"
―Anonymous Drahoni soldier.

The Battle of Xino was the first battle in the Infection War, it began when a Drahoni military ship infected by the Mezourah crash-landed on the planet Xino.


The Mezourah in the research facility on the planet Methiorikh had escaped the planet by boarding the military ship of the army send to collect the data of the facility. The ship was sent into FTL to Xino where the surviving soldiers fled the ship using a Zanvugl dropship, they warned the planet's military forces but they reacted too late as the ship had already begun it's descend and had sent wreckage with Mezourah biomass to the surface.


The battle started in the late periods of the year 2142 AD, the local forces were unable to contain the Mezourah near the crash-landed ship and the city it sent debris to. After 5 days the continent was completally taken over and reinforcements were sent to the planet to drive back the Mezourah, almost all of these reinforcements were killed in the battle, the survivors retreated to the other continent which they deemed safe.

A week later , in which the Drahoni had begun evacuation, a small fleet of boats and planes arrived to the continent containing thousands of Mezourah, the coastline defences were unable to stop them and were eventually overwhelmed, the arrival of a Nraken sealed the outcome of the battle, the Drahoni had lost. The 10 coming days the Drahoni put up a desperate fight with the aid of the Xzeron, while they evacuated the last civilians they abandoned the planet.


Whilst the battle has never been declared ended the Drahoni government has withdrawn all their troops and let the Xzeron continue the fight, this battle started the Infection War.

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