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Blackstar, the gargantuan Exonoma space fortress.

"Blackstar, never before have I or any other race witnessed a thing as magnificent as this construct. Its divine beauty, its mere existance is a privilage for both us and the galaxy..."
―Writings in the diary of an unknown Chranegla

Blackstar is a gargantuan space fortress created by the Exonoma with the purpose of an undestroyable refuge and military base (it serves as the HQ of the Exonoma Crusaders). Its exact location is unknown but it is suggested that it is located somewhere in 'dark space' just outisde the fringes of the Large Magellanic Cloud. It is also unknown if it is mobile or not.


Construction of the Blackstar began in the midway the Fourth Era and was finished during the early years of the Advancement Era, ever since it has been enlarged and upgraded with all kinds of technology.

At first it was created with the purpose as a haven for refugees in case the Exonoma would be at war early in their spacefaring years. Construction of it began in their local cluster but it was eventually relocated to its current position.


Blackstar has 5 large arms and 5 smaller arms, the central part is a large ball-like construct with a tower on top. This tower is the main weapon capable of ripping through any known ship in the galaxy. Much of the station's generators are located inside the smaller arms. The entirity of the space fortress is much, much bigger than a planet.

Cosmological InformationEdit

The station's current location is right outside the Large Magellanic Cloud in dark space, the Exonoma have created a small artificial microgalaxy in which they were able to relocate. Several artificial worlds are near the Blackstar as well to serve as storage facilities.

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