Brunikor (aka Omni 01-B) is a pocket universe to Omni 01. Brunikor is the realm where the Demon civilisation dwells. It is believed that the only way to reach this universe is to use a Demon interuniversal drive which only allows travel to and from Omni 01 and no other universes.


Brunikor is a very peculiar place. It has strange and exotic physics that set it apart from Omni 01 by a large amount. The "space" here is a fluid, glowing, endless void with patches of green, yellow and red which all interconnect yet are separate. A sight that can hardly be delivered justice by description.

The place that most residents are found is a large lump of rock-like material of which there are many floating in the void. It is a reddish brown with sloping and slanted structures, never jutting out at awkward angles, yet still extremely mountainous. There are also many lakes and seas here.




Points of interestEdit


The city is divided into nine concentric sectors. One of them is known to be ruled by the Demon Lord Tahzarhuun.


The Demons survived in Brunikor after Minos-Vaskus destroyed their original galaxy. Only a handful were left and they remained in there for 220 million years building a city known as Duivelmassa.

Some Demons have appeared all throughout the universe as a result of teleportation experiments. Uszaroth for example appeared in the Milky Way Galaxy after such incident. Ancient interactions by Demons with Omni 01 has led some cultures to believe that Brunikor is either the underworld or Hell itself. While some religions use Brunikor as evidence towards the truth of their beliefs, the Demons themselves make no assertion that Brunikor is of supernatural origin.

Brunikor was destroyed during the Battle against Suntsitzeagal when it was sacrificed to spare Omni 01 from the Anathema. It was reset to a state similar to the moments before the Big Bang and thus remains uninhabitable today.

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