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The Snegheindheden-drive, commonly reffered to as the Bubble Warp Drive, was very likely the most known invention by the Nedhraye. The concept of it was much like the Omni Drive aside that it was created to cut back on costs. The Bubble Warp generator was put into a warp station (several halo like figures circling around a green orb), thus the first part of the drive was completed. In order for it to work the ship wishing to go into warpspace had to have a Bubble Warp Layer installed to be able to interract with the Bubble Warp station.

When a ship interracts with a warp station it is envelopped in the bubble layer, space around the bubble will be warped. It will be contracted in the front and expanded in the back in order for it to reach warpspeed.


The Snegheindheden-drive was created when the Nedhraye were at their apex, by cutting back on the costs of the Omni drives they recreated they were able to invest more in much needed projects and research.




For the ships with BWD's installed, please refer to the Nedhraye Starships.

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