The Buyuk Civil War was a major battle that marked the end of the Buyuk Golden Age.


When geoengineering became too expensive, the Ghorax were desperate to continue expanding, wishing to for their golden age to go on for an eternity. To prolong their own lives, they begun to develop cybernetic implants that would effectively render pressure suits obsolete. These enhancements would allow them to survive virtually any environment. Ethically, some were concerned about the lack of freedom because those who were implanted would all have homogeneous personalities.

Inevitably, the new technology created political schisms that would eventually lead to hostilities.

Two major factions were created during these schisms: the Cyborgs - supporters of the new enhancements. And the Anti-Machines, those who were against them.

List of major battlesEdit


As the Cyborgs were extremely close to being referred to as hive-minded, they had the immediate advantage over the Anti-Machines. The Cyborgs were able to coordinate attacks faster although they lacked concern over individual losses. Their initial victories simply came through overwhelming numbers.

The Anti-Machines temporarily turned the tide of the war under the leadership of brave individuals such as Gro'zorg.

Unfortunately, the resistance did not last long. Soon enough, the Cyborgs invented the Racuna - an uncurable, nano virus that caused cellular degeneration unless countered with cybernetic implants, though it had some side effects. Effectively, this sterilized nearly all Ghorax save for the Palasarian Holy Empire who wanted no part in the war. While the Cyborgs could still reproduce by assimilating others, the Anti-Machines would slowly die out.

To put a stop to the resistance once and for all, the Cyborgs rounded up all the Anti-Machines they could find, putting them in camps. They either gave them the choice of being implanted or executed. Some of the Anti-Machines including Gro'zorg escaped from Cyborg territory. His ship crash landed on the remote planet Atlas where he was buried in ice and presumed dead until he was revived thousands of years later by Karalian scientists.


With the Anti-Machine resistance crushed, all Ghorax in the Buyuk Empire became Cyborgs. Thus, they came to the collective decision to take over the Milky Way Galaxy.

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