The Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy (CMD) is a small irregular galaxy in the Local Group. About 25,000 lightyears from the Sol system, it is a satellite of the Milky Way Galaxy. It is in the same place in the sky as the Canis Major constellation. It is currently in the process of being pulled apart by its larger counterpart, the Milky Way. Just more than 65,000 of the Galaxy's stars are under the firm control of the Ghaknral Commonwealth of States. Around 3,000 of the remaining stars are under the disputed rule of the Dsartu Coalition and the Churachnya Twentieth Republic. These two factions are currently at war.


The CMD, because it is being pulled apart by Milky Way Galaxy, forms a long trail of stars, wrapping around the Milky Way three times. This is caused by tidal disruption, and is sometimes known as the Monoceros Ring. The trail of stars, in Real Life 00, was discovered by Human scientists in the early 21st century (2000s CE). In both Real Life 00 and Omni 01, civilisations outside this galaxy do not know much about it. For information about tidal disruption, please see the Wikipedia article.

As the galaxy is no longer in its original formation, there are no Galactic Arms, or anything similar within the structure of the galaxy. It is thought that the galaxy has approximately 3 billion stars.



Most of the regions within the CMD are Globular and Open Clusters, as the unusual configuration of the galaxy makes it difficult to separate the galaxy into distinct regions. Hence, the galaxy regional zones are just simply the clusters. The main clusters in the CMD are:

  • Kria Globular Cluster (NGC 1851)
  • Nabora Globular Cluster (NGC 1904)
  • Praetia Globular Cluster (NGC 2298)
  • Niuvula Globular Cluster (NGC 2808) 
  • Morinas Open Cluster (Dol 25)
  • Kirania Open Cluster (H18)
  • Loria Open Cluster (AM 2)


There are no satellites of the CMD.

Notable systemsEdit


  • Natskai
  • Korok
  • Nabusarap
  • Chutattyu


  • Kirktak
  • Mostir
  • Tsakopr
  • Maskwr'Potrta
  • Chtkp 'Chtkp
  • Nowa Parat
  • Tsa Kkarkl


  • Romupa
  • Remusia
  • Renia
  • Tak 'Zon


  • Nor Ta


  • Tukapa
  • Nakoro


  • Nia
  • Risakia


  • Larium
  • Zerium
  • Klurium

Major factionsEdit



There are no non-native factions present in the CMD as of 2143.

Historical factions and speciesEdit

Besides the Ghaknral, Dsartu and Churachnya civilisations, others have existed, and still exist, in the CMD, even dating back to when the CMD was still a stable galaxy.

Stable factionsEdit

  • Impria Mrinia Luria

Unstable/Endangered factionsEdit

  • Union of Trian Socialist States
  • Larir Systems
  • Nria Tzuak

Species with no affiliationEdit

  • Nupar
  • Lapri Lazuet
  • Ran'Corian Splinter Imperium 

Extinct factions/speciesEdit

  • Lua Empire
  • Acronian Empire

Historical and Mythical SpeciesEdit

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