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4.7 billion years


1.12 solar masses

No. planets


No. moons



Arion Stream, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy

Cedris is a G1V-type star in the Milky Way Galaxy. Aiston, the Zeth homeworld, orbits it.


A 4.7 billion-year old star, Cedris has around 1.02 solar masses and a surface temperature of about 6,246K. It has a lifetime of around 9.5 billion years, so another 4.8 billion years is yet to go.

Solar SystemEdit

Cedris is orbited by a series of bodies.

Closest to the star is Ternon, an airless world orbiting 0.5AUs out. It has around 0.2 Earth masses and is best known for its surface temperature and transits across the star.

0.64AUs from Cedris is a diffuse asteroid belt, thought to be from a failed planet. These asteroids are iceless and mainly metallic. The Coalition of People's Republics mined this belt, and leftover debris is still present.

Aiston orbits 1.1AUs from Cedris. It is a habitable world of 1.14 Earth masses, and possesses an extensive ecosystem and a civilisation, the Zeth. It has two large moons- Kranas and Pheron. Kranas has an operational base built into the surface, and Pheron has the ruins of another.

2AUs out from the star is another asteroid belt. It contains some 'dead comets' in addition to many metallic and chondritic asteroids. It is mined by the Republic of Xelass.

Retaan is a planet 2.2AUs from Cedris, just inside the habitable zone. It has 1.5 Earth masses and a nitrogen/carbon dioxide atmosphere of 3 bars, which contains some oxygen. The planet has a magnetic field and traces of ozone in the atmosphere. Cyanobacteria-like life lives here. The first man on Retaan was a Xelassian called Captain Serus Imin, and Commander Vina Geriu was the second (and, currently, most recent) Zeth to have stood on that world. They landed a shuttle on the planet and then refuelled it from the icecap there to escape is 1.44G gravity.

Genns orbits at 3.8AUs from Cedris. It is a Jovian gas giant of 0.81 Jupiter masses, with a yellowish atmosphere, and two large moons. One of these may have a subsurface ocean.

Fallak is a Jovian gas giant 8.9AUs from the star. It has 1.3 Jupiter masses and a belted, brown-white atmosphere due to organic molecules. It has six large moons, one of which may have a subsurface ocean under many kilometres of ice.

Uriem is a Neptunian gas giant 29AUs from Cedris. It has 14 Earth masses and an ammonia-methane, blue atmosphere. One of its moons is large and rotates the opposite direction to all the others.

Ophid is a super-earth ice world, of three Earth masses. It is very reflective and bright due to its ice-covered surface. An anomalous black cubic structure was detected on the planet during a flyby by a CPR probe bound for the edge of the system.

Notes Edit

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