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Location Iralek Sector, Triangulum Galaxy
Size Vessels only
Kardashev class 0.62
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Status Fleeing
Capital -
Official language Censia
Demonym Censul
Population ~0.3 billion
Species Censul
Government Martial Law
Current leader(s) Council of Admirals
The Censul are a vagrant faction from the Triangulum Galaxy- a race fleeing the Nemesis Legion. It is exclusively made up of members of the Censul species.


Censul society has been severely altered by their flight. They are now under martial law, and only military-related matters are promoted by the government. All males and most females will be recruited once they reach maturity, and only retired at the age of ninety.


The Censul are an agnostic race. Some cults have appeared, some worshipping the Nemesis Legion as the cleansers of the galaxy, and attempting to halt the fleet so that the Legion catches up and destroys it.


The Censul speak Censia, in various forms. The language is based on 19 different sounds. Compound words are common.


An advanced race, the Censul have developed shift-drives, allowing them to reach one hundred times c. Their propulsion systems are based on hydrogen fusion, giving them powerful and sustainable thrust.

The ships can be of great size, and are well armed with weapons such as nuclear missiles and lasers.

The Haska-class city ship is a ten-mile-long vessel capable of housing a hundred million Censul, with facilities for all of them, as well as on-board factories, docks, forests, and so on. These are the main ships of the fleet.

Baruda-class battleships escort the city ships. These are 400m long and have a crew of 700, armed with nuclear weaponry, powerful lasers, and torpedoes. Each city ship retains a standing guard of such vessels.


The planet upon which the Censul originated was razed by the Nemesis Legion several decades ago. They were forewarned by a few months and, being a spacefaring civilisation, where able to save around two hundred million people from the planet. In their city-ships, they fled the Legion, trying to outpace it- an aim which they pursue to this day.

Desperate, they will try to fight through any faction that gets in their way.

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