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Average height


Average Lifespan

120 (male)/130 (female) Earth years


Heads on the centre of the back.

The Censul are a race of sapient beings from the Triangulum Galaxy. They are a vagrant faction.


The Censul are quadrupedal, with four legs ending in single claws to walk on. Their bodies are protected by a cellulose exoskeleton as well as an internal skeleton of silicate minerals, which are both tough and durable. However, their heads are unarmoured and resemble a hump protruding from the middle back, ringed with eyes. The fan-like ears and chemoreceptors extend from the apex of the hump.

Their mouths are located at the front of their bodies, with two small arms on each side originally for moving food into them. These arms are now used as manipulators.


All known Censul are part of the Vagrant Fleet. ----

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