Chalank is a Kyekna Royal Guard, he suffered a large amount of trauma when his Queen (and Mother) was slain by an unknown attacker, he is abnormally intelligent for a Royal Guard, and he has a large scar from an unknown weapon that nearly took out his left eye, but thankfully missed.

General statistics
Born Undisclosed
Affiliation Kyekna
Titles None
Skills/Abilities Leadership, melee combat
Status Alive
Species Kyekna
Gender Male
Height 2.5 ft (on 6 legs) 2.8 metres (on 2)
Weight Unknown

Chalank and another Royal Guard a while before the indecent.

It is unknown as to who attacked Chalank's Queen, as he was knocked out by the attackers, it is known that she was killed during space travel via a cruiser. It is known they had advanced technology, as they were able to make it into space, and use some sort of technology to incapacitate several Royal guards

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