Chalkak is a brown Gas giant with golden clouds of sulpher.

Star CHKC-9
Type gas giant
Satellites no moons but one large spacestation/storage facility
Gravity 1.1 G
Orbital distance 0.3 AU
Day length 72 EH (earth hours)
Year length 365 Chalkak days
Diameter 50,943 km
Axial tilt 20.2°
Average 82 K
Minimum 75 K
Maximum 120 K
Atmosphere composition 81% hydrogen 16% helium 3% sulpher
Surface pressure Unknown
Factions Kyekna
Population 527 (spacestation)
Major imports Unneeded cargo
Major exports Needed cargo

The Chalkak space-station is a storage facility that even has it's own queen, very little ever happens and the queen is quite fed up with her crampped conditions, constantly contakerous and in a "snappish" mood.

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