The Chch'ptk were a galaxy-wide species that fought a war with the Kklxin, with whom they shared the Gehenna Galaxy before engaging in a massive war. The war was devastating, and they took off in separate directions in hopes of never meeting again.

Records of their original physiology were lost. While the Kklxin preserved themselves with frozen embryos on a mobile planet, the Chch'ptk opted to store themselves in data form within a virtual world aboard the starship Afterlife.

Chch'ptk are only capable of interacting with the real world through robotic avatars. However, most refuse to leave the simulator, preferring to leave the machines to maintain the Afterlife.


The Chch'ptk existed in the Gehenna Galaxy. It is also known, based on archives discovered on the Afterlife by the Miluri, that their home planet went by the name of Chch'trk. In the waning years of the Kklxin-Chch'ptk War, Minos Vaskus destroyed all life in the galaxy. In this disaster, both Kklxin and Chch'ptk populations were razed from several trillion to less than 100.

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