The Clifhdki are an aquatic space faring species in the Jolfur grid of the andromeda galaxy


The Clifhdki are an insectoid species that somewhat resemble triops of Gaea, with some notable differences such as their size being very large compared to triops of Gaea at 3 ft and the ends of their tails being specially evolved to grasp tools. One of the interesting things about this species is that due to the specific conditions that is required for them to survive the tiny Clifhdki inside an egg will be in suspended animation until the right conditions are present.
IMG 0788


Before the Kaoom came and uplifted the Clifhdki to their current technological level the Clifhdki, to transport themselves to other solar systems, implanted cyborg implants into Clifhdki embryos inside eggs and did not have water make contact with the eggs so they stayed in suspended animation and when they arrived at the destination they would hatch and the cyborg implants would make the young Clifhdki fully capable at birth. When the Kaoom uplifted them use of warp drives became mainstream


In the past there were religions although today they are atheistic. One particularly puzzling piece of manuscript detailing an almost exact description of the Skojan spheres and how sleeping fish who eat mucus will unleash demons from the spheres, an almost exact prophecy is foretold in Kaoom manuscripts.


Although they are ruled by the Kaoom currently, previously they're were a democracy a monarchy and a dictatorship all having an uneasy relationship And just as war was about to come the Kaoom came and united the factions.

Integration into the United Kaoom MonarchiesEdit

Once they were discovered and integrated into the United Kaoom Monarchies in order to fully interact with the Kaoom neural interfaces were made.

A neural interface


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