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The Coalition of People's Republics was a Zeth nation. It had a very large land area, and two billion citizens. The chairman of the council did not surrender his emergency powers and became the effective dictator of the nation.
Cpr flag

CPR national flag

It was destroyed by the Republic of Xelass.


The CPR was based on progress and the advancement of the nation, focussing on industry. The ideal citizen was said to be the one who worked hardest and was most loyal to the state.


Only those children selected by local authorities were allowed to enter education. Starting at age eight, they would remain in school until the age of seventeen. The curriculum was rigorous and inflexible- they would be taught Aisish, engineering, history, maths, and physics. History was mainly the achievements of the CPR and political theory.

They could then be recruited by research groups or given a job by the state.


State-owned radio stations and public game rooms were the main sources of entertainment in the CPR.


Personal worship was discouraged by the state, but a Cult of Personality had developed around the chairman. Festivals and parades waving banners showing his face were common.
Aiston map cpr

The location of the CPR


All citizens who have been through education would have learnt Aisish. However, the national language was Juine, which has a phonetic alphabet and 31 distinct sounds.


Though small-scale free enterprise was possible, any large corporation would be nationalised and controlled by the state. The population was taxed heavily.

The economy was based on nuclear power.


The military of the CPR was not divided into armed forces, but personnel received specialist training for the duties they were given. All young men had to spend at least five years in the military. Training was hard and lengthy, lasting three years, and designed to make the soldiers as tough and loyal as possible.

The CPRM had nine hundred million personnel, of which two hundred million were active servicemen.

250 ships were maintained by the CPR, including 6 aircraft carriers and 90 submarines. These submarines held much of the nation's nuclear deterrent. It also had 2,390 aircraft and 450 ICBMs, as well as 15 armed spacecraft, 3 space stations and 56 satellites.

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