Confederate Sovereign Colonies of the Tsuinaron
Location Norma Arm
Size 3 star systems
Kardashev class Type II
Founded {{{founded}}}
Status Defunct
Capital Okkarabō
Official language Tsuinarese (Larion Dialect)
Demonym Confederate Tsuinaron
Population 21,000,000
Species Reptimacropus Argutus
Government Confederal republic
Current leader(s) None (faction now defunct)

The Confederate Sovereign Colonies of the Tsuinaron was a faction that seceded from the Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm, before the Tsuinaron Civil War, but was only recognised by other nations after the end of the War, with the CSCT victorious. The Confederacy then collapsed after the Great Tsuinaron War which resulted in the creation of the Normarian Planet-States.


In the history of the DFSNA, many have dreamed of a society where there are no Kings or Queens. in 2103, a group of these republicans met on the planet of Okkarabō, where they signed a treaty, known as the Confederacy Treaty of Okkarabō. This produced the Confederate Sovereign Colonies of the Tsuinaron. These people then began holding rallies on Okkarabō. These rallies involved the themes of freedom and republicanism. Eventually, all of Okkarabō was declared the capital of the CSCT. This resulted in a civil war with the DFSNA, which refused to recognise the new state.

When the CSCT won the war in 2110, the DFSNA accepted the existence of the CSCT, and was declared by the Galactic Senate a sovereign state. However, in 2113, the CSCT collapsed into a loose unification of planets, as the Chancellor of the Confederacy had stepped down from power, with no one willing to take his place.

Eventually, the CSCT's central government was strengthened by the rise of a new office: the Presidency. The introduction of a new law that the populace was allowed to vote for the President out of their own ranks made the CSCT much more liberal, and the CSCT enjoyed a revival.

In 2145, the Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm was taken over by New Starfleet, and in 2164, as part of Operation Unification, the DFSNA declared war on the CSCT, beginning the Great Tsuinaron War. In 2172, the war ended with both factions collapsing as a result of internal conflict within both factions.


Unlike the DFSNA, the CSCT had a republican government which was headed by the President of the Confederacy, though it was once led by a Chancellor. The CSCT has a multi-party system, and is unicameral, consisting of one legislative body known as the Confederacy Senate.

The main parties in the Senate are:

  • Labour Party
  • Democratic Party
  • Greens
  • National Coalition
  • United Party
  • Socialist Party (banned 2126)

Immediately before the CSCT's downfall, the National Coalition controls the CSCT, under the leadership of Umira Kuranomo.

Democratic Federation of Species in the Norma Arm Confederate Sovereign Colonies of the Tsuinaron Normarian Planet-States

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