Coraxal was a Carapellex warrior, he is renown for having killed a demented mass murderer.

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General statistics
Born Unknown
Affiliation Carapellex
Titles Coraxal
Skills/Abilities Swordsmanship,
Status Alive
Species Carapellex
Gender Male programming
Height 6'5"
Weight Unknown


Originally Coraxal was working as a Librarian at an archive facility, however pirates attacked and stole him along with many archives. He managed to kill some of them and escape from their ship, he was given an award for returning the archives and was given a position as a police officer.

Later he was guarding a museum when a demented mass-murderer broke in and attempted to randomly steel stuff, the two fought and, using a large titanium aloid shield to his advantage Coraxal vanquished the Murderer.


Coraxal has the standard appearance of his species, though he does wear a sash to keep his sword in.


  • One of his original talents was going to be "Being a Carapellex"...

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