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The Crumbs of the Nedhraye are artifacts left by the Nedhraye scatered on many of their former planets in the Small Magellanic Cloud, every artifact, or 'crumb' contains the coordinates of a set of planets containing other crumbs. Each crumb also holds a small part of a set of coordinates to a specific planet holding 'great power'. In reality this 'great power' is a large ancient warship left by the Nedhraye inside an artificial world that is capable of Inter-Dimensional travel, the Nedhraye sealed away in another dimension returned and helped those who freed them from their imprisonment with a giant fleet capable of destroying the combined might of the Plevanio navy.


When the Nedhraye were sealed away into another dimension by their own people to prevent them from being killed during a catastrophic event billions of years ago they left the crumbs to ensure they would once be able to return when new life was created.

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