General information
Affiliation Formerly:
  • Unknown raider group


Ship Registration
Length 70 meters
Commanding officer(s) Siran Narek
In service Unknown - N/A
Reason of decommission N/A
Fate of vessel after decommission N/A
Technological information
Number and types of engines 3 - Electron Engines
Type of FTL travel system Warp Drive (None, prior to Delson Modification)
Maximum non-FTL speed
Maximum FTL speed 6,000 lightyears a day

The Cutlass is the name given to a former raiding craft that was commandeered by Siran Narek, and used as her homestead for a long time on Krar.

After Siran Narek joined the GSSOC, the Cutlass was, with Siran's approval, modified by the Delson 5th Defense Fleet, to allow it to serve as a 'suitable' personal starship. These modifications included a Delson Police-Grade Warp Drive and Delson Plasma Weapons, among other things.



  • Electron Engines
  • Warp Drive (DH Modification)

Weapons LoadoutEdit

  • Laser Turrets (3)
  • Plasma Beams (2) (DH Modification)
  • Missile Launcher (1) (DH Modification)


  • Titanium Armor
  • Shields
    • Electron Particle Field (Pre-Modification)
    • Photon Condensement Fields (Post-Modficiation)


  • Medical Laboratory

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