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Structure of an advanced, emotion-sensing and individually thinking Dairyon

The Dairyon are an almost-extinct race of A.I.'s originating from the now non-existent Dirpion-104 system. They were created by the native Achrisians, originally to serve the Achrisian Military, but eventually branched out in purposefulness. Before the majority of the Achrisians and Dairyon were wiped out in the destruction of Dirpion-104, the Dairyon were used not only in the military, but also to work in dangerous environments that Humans would have a risk of dying in.


The name 'Dairyon' comes from the company which manufactured them: Dairyon Industries, Inc. The word also literally means in the Achrisian language, 'Artificial Intelligence'. 



Advanced Dairyon did not, unlike most other early robots, have only one processor to control the entire body, what multiple processors stored in one 'processor box'. Each processor did a different job, such as controlling movement, thought and speech. All these smaller processors would be linked via small cables to a central processing unit which managed the Dairyon as a whole. A small programming chip which held the information on how the Dairyon would conduct its activities was also linked to the CPU via a programming microchip port located on the side of the processor box.

Power GeneratorsEdit

For maximum power generation and the most effective distribution, later models of Dairyon had multiple, smaller generators rather than one large power core. These generators are hooked up to an energy storage vessel which then distributes the generated electricity throughout the body, although the processors are fed directly by the generators. 


The plating of a Dairyon was made of Yukirum, a metal that existed exclusively on Achris, and no longer exists.

Notable DairyonEdit

Aaron - the last living Dairyon. Aaron is now active in the Milky Way Galaxy as an agent of the FMASN Special Division of Experimental Technology.

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