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A dead Deghani.

The Deghani are worm-like Mezourah, they are born out of fleshy sacks growing on the organic layer they create when infecting a planet. These sacks can also be formed on certain Biomass creatures.

The Deghani attack any living being by burrowing into their foe's body and eat their way to their spinal cord and tap into it's nervous system. When this larvae enters its host's body it will began to inject Mezourah Super Cells.

The Deghani are highly adaptive, they can cut their own body in half in which the two parts will reform themself into two smaller Deghani.


The Deghani was the first Mezourah encountered by a sapient species, the Drahoni found one of these on an unknown planet. They captured it and studied it on Methiorikh, while in imprisonment it split itself in two, one of these escaped by hiding in one of the scientist's coat and infected him and thus creating the outbreak.

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