Naval Facility 41-52-88-X

Delson Defense Navy Naval Facility 41-52-88-X is a facility controlled by the Delson Defense Navy, and is the furthest Delson Military Facility from Delson-Controlled Space. The Facility was constructed upon Sol I Dor's inductment into the Galactic Senate Special Operations Corps and serves as a covert defense facility for Ilion. Currently assigned there is the Delson 5th Defense Fleet. In addition, the locally-assigned Eteno Imperial Navy 704th Carrier Task Force and 67th Destroyer Squadron have 41-52-88-X as their primary supply station.

Design and LocationEdit

The facility is basically a cluster of asteroids strung together in the middle of an asteroid field located near Ilion. The central asteroid contains the Command and Communications center of the base, while the other asteroids contain fighter hangers, living quarters, guest quarters, stardocks, etc.

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